Posted by: deirdrea | July 29, 2009

Sophos LIVES! And other great library news

It’s official! There’s an announcement on the Harper Collins page, and the news is wonderful! Those of us who were filled with dread after the last “Queen’s Thief” book can finally relax! Sophos lives!!!
Here’s the official cover art

A Conspiracy of Kings

A Conspiracy of Kings

And here’s the official blurb from Harper Collins. Tell me, isn’t it awesome?

“Sophos, heir to Sounis, doesn’t look like much of a prince. At least, according to those in power. At least, to those who do not know him or the size of his heart and the depth of his courage, loyalty, and love. But Helen, Queen of Eddis, knows him, and so does Gen, the queen’s Thief, who is now King of Attolia. Gen and the queen believe that Sophos is dead. But they also believe in hope, especially since a body was never found. So when Sophos is discovered in Attolia, the obvious question becomes: where has he been all this time?

Megan Whalen Turner’s books about Eugenides, the Thief of Eddis, have been called “triumphantly clever,” “tantalizing,” “suspenseful,” and “wholly satisfying.” Readers new to the series will be ensnared. Fans will be in heaven. Includes a map.”

Awesome, no? And I am BEYOND delighted that this vol. includes a map! I hope new editions of the previous volumes will include maps, too. Books that include extensive geographical descriptions and/or quests, journeys, battles, etc. should always include maps, imo. Preferably like Tolkien’s, but even less detailed maps are much better than none!

But I digress.

Anybody who wonders what I am raving about should go to their local bookstore or library and obtain a copy of The Thief right away!

And speaking of libraries, we now have an official opening date for the new Mount Kisco Library! August 8th! Which is really soon — keep your fingers crossed! It’ll be great to finally be open!

And if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted lately, moving the library is a large part of the reason. But I also did a birthday expedition recently, together with my lovely twin sister, whom some of you know as the YA librarian in Armonk. We visited the original Green Knowe, among other exciting locales. I did take tons of photos, and I’ll post some asap.

That’s it for now — thanks for reading!

Stay well…



  1. Yay! Of course, this comment is late, and I said it before – but I can’t wait!

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