Posted by: deirdrea | January 15, 2010

Tell Me How Much You Love Him! (Sophos, that is…)

Portrait of a Young Man

Sophos, perhaps?

OK everybody, this is it! The Great Mount Kisco Library ARC giveaway! And the ARC we are giving away is Megan Whalen Turner’s A Conspiracy of Kings! Here’s what to do, to be entered in the contest:

  1. Post a response to this blog, telling us why you love Sophos
  2. Your response can be in any format you want! You can:
  3. Write a song
  4. Paint a picture
  5. Make a movie
  6. Write a letter
  7. Make a toy — whatever!

HOWEVER, all responses must be family-friendly (G to PG13).

ALSO, you can only post once. If you enter more than once, we’ll have to disqualify you.

You have from now until February 1st to post your entry. That way, you should get your ARC in time for Valentine’s Day!

And, believe me, it will be a big WRENCH for me to give this book up. I think you’ll really enjoy it! And if you don’t love Sophos now, you definitely will after you read the ARC!

What? You don’t think the painting I picked looks like Sophos? Well, how about this nice young man, from 15th century Italy!

A Youth, by Filippino Lippi

A Youth, by Filippino Lippi

Maybe not? Well, show us your idea of Sophos, and you could win our ARC!


  1. I have Haikus!

    He keeps blood for blushing
    He picks the sweetest peaches
    Not that way, sickos!

    He kills campfires
    Worships impoverished louts
    and knows how to swim

    Sweet but boring
    Oh come on, I read for Gen
    *pats the cute scholar*

  2. Awesome, a POEM! I love it!

    And congratulations, Attackfish, on being the first to post — good luck!

  3. I love Sophos for not being a warrior. I like nerdy heroes, and he’s such a good contrast for most of the other guys in the series.

    Also, I am a sucker for his and Eddis’s romance. D’awww.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for entering, and good luck!

    (I love the Sophos/Eddis romance, too!)

  5. Based on the online chapters of CofK from Greenwillow, I love him because he’s totally a Gen fanboy even while he knows he isn’t anything like Gen. Also because his sweetness evens out the tart.

  6. I love Sophos because he prefers to read than to do all that stuff his father wants him to do.


    And he’s generally adorable.

  7. Who wouldn’t love an awkward kid? I’m looking forward to seeing how he’s grown. He was always so obvious in The Thief, obviously looking up to Ambiades and liking Eddis. Although he isn’t much of a warrior when we saw him, he was smart, despite the father that thought brawn pwns brains. Sure, he wasn’t as clever as Gen and didn’t catch on to his scheme like everyone else. He has practical knowledge and is willing to learn.

    Okay, I’ve kind of veered from the point I was making at the beginning, but really. There are many reasons to love Sophos. I just want to hug him. I suspect I’d probably declare him my little brother if I were fictional. And be the overprotective older sibling.

  8. Oh! The dolls! You are the maker of the dolls!
    Unbelievably awesome!!

    Thank you, and good luck!

  9. I think you’re going to love the rest of CofK, too, Maureen!

    Thanks for your entry, and good luck!


  10. Hi, Mari!

    I think you’ll find he’s changed — but not in essentials. He’s just gotten better!

    Thanks for your entry — good luck!


  11. I think I first realized how much I love Sophos when he blushes at everything in the Thief. And chatters away when they are trying to escape from a dungeon. You can’t not like Sophos. I love the fact that when they get to Eddis he spends his whole visit trying to convince Gen’s relatives that Gen rocks. He’s a total fanboy, it’s awesome.

    I was so upset when he disappeared, but I did guess that the next book would be about him. Can’t wait to read it!

    Gen’s early nickname for him, Useless the Younger, always makes me laugh.

  12. Thanks, Liz!

    And you love Sophos for some of the same reasons I do ;-D

    Good luck!

  13. So, you know I couldn’t say away..

    Dear Sophos (A letter from me)

    Dear Sophos,
    I love you. Now, at the moment I suspect you are either blushing or frowning in confusion. Possible both, which is simply adorable. No, this not a letter from your dearest Hellen.
    Currently, the Magus is in Eddis as a “prisonar”. Now between you and me, I’m rooting for you, man, the Magus’s got nothing on you, he doesn’t even have a name! (Unless he does and if he does, in which case would you kindly share?).
    But dearest Sophos, I love you. I was greatful that you survived till the end of The Thief. You were sweet. You asked Gen all the questions I would’ve asked him. You were ust as confused as we were while reading. By the way we all picked up on you’re bromance 😉 Don’t worry I won’t tell Hellen! I especially love you because you’re someone Gen trusts. And he doesn’t trust many people.
    I love that you’re not like other guys. You don’t go around oogling women, you love to sit under arpicot trees and read all day. And you seem like a great older brother. I’ve always wished I could have an older brother like yourself. But I have a younger one (who I couldn’t live without-even if he’d probably throw apricots at me while I was reading)
    To be honest, I can’t wait to hear back from you, about your where you been this entire time and what you’ve been up to, not to mention if your still blushing, and what kind of kisser you are. Yes, I said it. (don’t worry, you don’t have to practice, it comes naturally, though if you are practicing stay away from bears…gen, bears, and bunnies…um goats, sheep…wait, nevermind!), anyways if you really ever do want to practice, I’m you’re gal..just kidding. when you’re going to marry Eddis and how many children you’ll have. But no pressure.
    Gen’s been sort of a book hog lately, (don’t worry, I don’t hate him for it!) but still I can’t wait to hear from you!

    Love you lots

    Elle Winters

  14. Yay, Elle!

    What an awesome letter! You do, indeed, love Sophos (well, I knew you did ;-D)

    Good luck!


  15. I must admit that I first started loving Sophos only because Gen did. I loved seeing Gen so outwardly care for someone else like that as it was so out of character. Then I got swept up in that adorable blush that had better still be present despite the growing up he seems to have done!

  16. I think you won’t be dissapointed ;-D

    Thanks for entering, sunbird, and good luck!

  17. I’d feel almost guily for not doing a similar giveaway with my own ARC, except that there are so many fans around here that it’s still being passed around–it is currently in the hands of its fourteenth reader, and after that I’ll continue reading it to five of my other friends. Having the ARC has actually helped me to meet up with a couple of fans I wouldn’t have… well, one of them I haven’t even actually met yet, but she has the book.
    Story: I had the ARC on our living room table after reading a few chapters aloud to one of my friends. My roommate tells me that when I was gone for classes a friend of a couple of my other roomies was over visiting and just hanging out. She saw the ARC on the table and started FREAKING OUT. My roommate told her that I wasn’t there, but maybe if I came back I would let her borrow it. Unfortunately I was out late that night and didn’t get to meet this fellow fan of the series.

    I was out of town this weekend, but this same friend of my roommates came over and this time my roomie called me to get permission for her to borrow the ARC. I’ve been reading it aloud to five friends who I’ve introduced to the series, but we can pause our readaloud sessions for another fan to have a chance at the ARC… and I still haven’t met her. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine, though 😉

  18. Rosalee, that’s a great story! It looks like you’re doing a great job of pimping QT out to other people.:) I wish I could also meet more fans in person.

    Anyway, here’s my answer to the ARC raffle:
    I love Sophos because even though he’s not a major character in the books, we get to know so much about him from the few glimpses that we have. I love how inquisitive he is and how he’s obviously smart but shy about it *insert a blush here*. I love his similarities to QT fans, e.g. he loves to read and he’s a huge fan of Gen and Eddis (and maybe even Attolia although we haven’t seen proof of it). I’m really looking forward to finding out more about him and knowing more of his thoughts about everything that’s happened in the whole series.:)

    You are awesome for doing this, Deirdrea!

  19. I was going to go with something squeeish and cutesy, and then this little bit of maudlin reflectiveness popped in:

    He studies the darkness while defenseless,
    He admire others before himself,
    He reads while his fellows are warring,
    And he battles through blushes to dignity.

    So that’s why I love Sophos now, and I can’t wait to love him even more after Conspiracy of Kings! Thanks, Deirdrea 🙂

  20. Chachic, you love Sophos as much as I do — and you thought of a few things that escaped me — awesome!

    And, inkasrain, your entry is reflective, certainly, but not maudlin at all — it’s beautiful!

    I’m very glad I finally discovered Sounis ;-D (It took me a while!)

    Thanks for entering, and good luck to you both!

  21. My dearest Sophos,

    I trust that you are well. I am writing to you concerning your prolonged absence from the work of a certain lovely Mrs. Megan Whalen Turner. This simply will not do for a number of reasons. The rumors of your whereabouts run wild, and speculation on the subject is even more rampant. Absurd things have been said; it is simply unseemly! You must come back with all haste to correct your reputation.

    However, there is another reason that you must return. You see, I have a confession to make: I love you, Sophos. Yes, I know this may come as quite a shock, but do not be alarmed. And yes, I also know that we have not met for many years – the fault of your own absence to be truthful. Besides, I look forward to seeing how you have changed with age and maturity. From the time of our first acquaintance in The Thief, I fell in love with your boyish blush, sincere and innocent regard for others (The King of Attolia even before you knew of his true identity, Ambiades despite his rudeness, etc.), and love of the quieter arts in life (even with the prospect of a dazzling military career available), and I am certain you cannot have changed so much that I will not still recognize these qualities in you. I never truly believed you dead (the thought would surely have killed me!), and I long to hear your stories of the past several years.

    I languish away as our days apart grow more numerous, and I restlessly await your next appearance in my life via A Conspiracy of Kings. I again implore you to make haste.

    With my deepest affection,

    ((Please excuse the lack of italicized titles, and thank you for such a fun method of sharing the ARC!))

  22. Dear Avian,

    Sophos thanks you most sincerely for your lovely letter, and assures you that he has only grown more loveable since you saw him last. His proficiency in the military arts has increased somewhat, and he aims a mean peashooter. But he still appreciates the quiet joys of scholarship, and can become distracted by the beauties of nature in the most unlikely situations.

    He hopes that you will not have to wait overlong to see him in “A Conspiracy of Kings.”

    And I, his humble scribe, wish you luck and thank you for entering.


  23. Well, I was drawing an awesome picture of Sophos reading under an apricot tree in a garden, but then I looked closer at this and didn’t see an easy way to post pictures. So, the picture of Sophos (in a blue and gold tunic) will continue to read (a red book, probably something epic and poetical) under his pretty tree in my drawing tablet, which may end up being hugged. Because I have always liked Sophos. Like me, he is just the tag-along underdog who LIKES being the tag-along underdog.

  24. And I AM NOT trying to cheat with this second post. I just spelled my name wrong. Please don’t kick me out of the competition. (Begging puppy-dog face.)

  25. That sounds like a wonderful drawing, Left Handed Creativity! (I admit, that is a hard name to spell!)

    I would totally love it if you could give us a link to it — but you don’t have to, if it’s too hard to do.

    Thanks for entering!


  26. Mostly, I love potential Sophos (I mean, I haven’t read Conspiracy of Kings yet, so there’s a lot I don’t know about him. Right?). Okay, he seems both idealistic and clear-sighted about things and people.

  27. Do I get disqualified if I admit that Sophos is by far my least favorite character?

    My favorite thing about him is that he has a lot of potential to grow as a character, just because he was so young when we last saw him, and we know he’s going to have lots of adventuring in the future book. So the best thing I can say about him is that I hope to love him in the future. But pick me anyway?

  28. Thanks for entering, Keestone and Lucy! And good luck to you both.

    Lucy, it’s always good to be optimistic! (But, really? You liked Ambiades better? Oh, well….)

  29. Dear Sophos:

    You know why I love you? In a world where everyone is constantly cranky and scheming and underhanded, you are a genuinely awesome guy. It’s not that you don’t have your own faults, and we certainly get the full rundown of them through Gen’s POV, but you’re eager to do well, and you’re clever, and you’re nice. And I’m terribly excited to see you being thrown into the political whirlpool in ACoK, because you’ve got so much potential and I want very much to see how you turn out. Keep being awesome!

    Also, marry me.

    Much love,


  30. Dear Emma,

    Thank you so much for your entry! I don’t know if we can persuade Sophos to marry you, despite your obvious affection for and understanding of him …. he seems rather stuck on Helen.

    But, fear not! You may soon be able to read the ARC — your entry definitely puts you in the running for winning it!

    Good luck!


  31. Deirdre, how do I post an mp3? I have one for you, finally! Not that I’m entering, really – that wouldn’t be fair, since I’ve already read the ARC and so many haven’t. But I thought other Sophos fans might enjoy hearing my ditty. Sophos is my favorite character in these books; he is brave and decent and able to learn – and he expresses emotions other than anger! Important, that, even if he does blush a lot. )

    I’m going to shoot the mp3 over to you privately, but I’d love it if we could get it up here!)

  32. Still struggling with the mp3, but if you go to my website, you might be able to hear it. It seems to play back on some computers, but not on others. ( I’m also posting the link to the mp3 here:

    [audio src="!.mp3" /]

  33. Hi, Mary, and thanks!

    The link ALMOST works, but not quite. I think if people cut and paste, they’ll be able to hear it.

    Great song! The last verse is VERY funny — and the flute playing is pretty awesome, too.


  34. Dear Sophos,

    I’m not the kind of girl who usually writes a letter like this, but I am compelled. I think you are a great guy, and I have thought so since I first met you in The Thief. You are the king’s heir, but you are so modest and such a nice person that even Eugenides, the Thief of Eddis did not suspect who you were. It would have been so easy to get a big head or a sense of entitlement like others have, I mention no names (Ambiades). You are also just so genuine, unpracticed in the art of deceiving other people.

    I also love that you are so into learning and academics. In that way you are definitely a man after my own heart. You will win with your brains. Although, considering what seems to be in store for you in ACoK, I bet you will be able to win with some awesome swordsmanship as well.

    Another thing that is awesome about you is that you are not blind to people’s faults. When Ambiades was legitimately awful, rather than just high-handed, you took him off the pedestal.

    There is more I probably could say, and definitely more that I will discover soon, but for now, I salute you, and wish you and Helen the best of luck.

    (a lurker (mostly) at Sounis)

  35. Dear Carolyn,

    Thank yo so much for your lovely letter! You really have a great appreciation for Sophos, and we wish you luck in the contest!

  36. I like Sophos he’s an adorable character! I can’t wait to find out how he’s changed in CoK’s~!

    Thanks for the contest deirdrea!!

  37. I love Sophos because he’s just this sweet guy and he’s not schematic at all, he’s honest. I don’t think I can ever see him as the ruthless king that Eugenides has become.
    And I love Eddis, so I really want her to fall in love. And I’d love to see that happen, she’s given so much.

    ❤ Aishie

    I love Sophos in a best friend kind of way. I can imagine us being great friends. I always imagined that Sophos was Eugenides’s best friend aside from Eddis. this scene is Eugenides and Sophos sitting on a wall looking at the mountains in Eddis.

  39. My dear Sophos,

    I compose this letter fighting back tears, for I do not know myself anymore, and I fear that I do not know you—you’ve changed so. When we first met in The Thief, I found myself delighted at your charming quirks and endearing mannerisms. Your scholarly pursuits immediately sparked my interest, your intelligence elevating you beyond the conceited foppery of Ambiades, your companion. We enjoyed quite some time together, and I don’t regret a moment of it. However, after our first encounter, you abruptly left my life—I must add without a goodbye. I remember merely a blush and a smile.

    Now you mustn’t be alarmed with my next words, but in the months after our separation I experienced a number of symptoms ranging from psychological to physical torments. I came to discover that though your material form was absent, your memory lingered; I missed you terribly. My mother and father worried, and my brothers claimed they had never seen me in such a state. I was plagued night and day by an intense desire to see you again, and yet I knew not where you were. My dear Sophos, I realized only after I departed from your presence that I care for you in such a way that even the basest of tasks is impossible without thinking of you. You must recall that I do not generally resort to romantic sentiments—I consider myself an independent woman. Nevertheless, when I tell you that all of my convictions have been overturned because of your entrance into my life, I speak the truth.

    I love you, Sophos. I desperately cling to the hazy outline of your face, lingering in the forefront of my mind. When I heard tell from Gen that I would see you again shortly, I hurried to write this letter. The dear King has confided in me that you have changed almost beyond recognition; that you are extremely different from the boyish youth you once were. I receive this news with both excitement and anxiety. What if you have forgotten me?

    I do not ask you to reciprocate my feelings. I only ask to hear from you once more, to know that you are indeed alive and well. It is enough to know you are happy.

    With every fiber of my being,

  40. Wow!

    What an eloquent letter, Farens!

    Thank you for entering our contest, and good luck!

  41. Thank you, Ballet2nite! I love the idea, and the drawing — nobody else has submitted art like this.

    Good for you, and good luck!

  42. Hi, Aishie, and thanks for entering!

    You love Sophos for some of the same reasons we do– good luck!

  43. You’re very welcome, Fatima!

    I think you’ll find that Sophos has changed quite a bit — but he’s also still exactly the same. I know you will enjoy finding out all about him in the new book, and I wish you luck!

  44. And the winner is — elle_winters!

    (According to the Random Number Generator!)

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