Posted by: deirdrea | October 1, 2009

New Podcast Episdode: Writing, Reading and Creativity! Plus, we have new furniture!

We finally have new furniture in the Mount Kisco Library teen room!
Look! Isn’t it lovely?
New Furniture, Teen Room

Plus, we have a reference desk in the Children’s Room!
New Desk, Long View
Isn’t it lovely, and don’t Lazy and Crazy look happy in their new home?

In other news, the latest library podcast episode is up! This episode features teen writers, inspiration, creativity, etc. We have two more episodes in the pipeline. The first one will feature an interview with Fidencia Solomon, who will read her poem, Looking For Change. Then we will have an interview with authors Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, of “Nanny Diaries” fame, talking about their work and introducing their new book, The Real Real! So, stay tuned! And in the meantime, I hope you enjoy our current episode.


  1. Hi! yeah furniture are really lovely, give it to me 😉

  2. Hi, Dinesh!

    I know what you mean [lol]! I’d like to take that library furniture home, too!

    Hope you’re well, & thanks for visiting!

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