Posted by: deirdrea | August 16, 2009

Antique Roses, Green Knowe

Old Rose, Green Knowe, originally uploaded by deirdrej.

Hello, everyone!

Here’s another photo, as promised. This is one of the old rose varietals that was in bloom when my sister and I visited Green Knowe (aka The Manor at Hemingford Grey).

Lucy Boston created a marvelous scent garden there, famous particularly for antique roses. She was known for having parties, where she had her guests pick globular roses like this to use as drinking cups.

“It is rather a dribbly business,” she writes, “the roses leak, but utterly delicious; also long drawn out, the process can’t be hurried.”

And I found this quote also quoted on a wonderful rose centered web site, which also has a great recipe for rose petal punch — How perfect for a summer party — I’m definitely going to try it soon! Check out
The Rose, Flower of June

Enjoy, everyone!




  1. Lovely!! I’m speechless…
    Hows life going?
    Hey! I want to tell you one thing; I’ve launched my personal website. Please visit once.

    Take care

  2. Thank you, Dinesh!

    Things are going well here, and I love your new website — it’s wonderful! It has such a bright, fresh look.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful rose, with such fresh leaves. Thank you for the rose link, it looks interesting.

  4. Oh, you’re welcome! I hope you enjoy it (honestly, some of the recipes look very interesting)

    And I’m so glad you like the picture!

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