Posted by: deirdrea | April 14, 2009

Wood Frog with Egg Mass — Plus, WLS learns, Thing 11

Wood Frog with Egg Mass, originally uploaded by J Gilbert.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter — those of you who celebrate!

Easter day was very cold in Northwestern CT, down in the 30s and with a sharp wind. But my sister and I went to our favorite vernal pool in the afternoon, and saw masses of wood frog eggs in the not-quite-frozen water. Wood frogs are amazing! They are the first creatures to emerge in Spring — even before the Spring peepers — and they sometimes breed in the ice and snow. Actually, they are the only species of frog found above the arctic circle. They “hibernate” by freezing solid, and resume their busy lives when the Spring sun thaws them out again. Pretty cool, no?

Of course, our little “Waldo” was a wood frog — and I may collect one of his distant friends or relations for the kids again this year.

Are there any kids who don’t like frogs?

The amazing photo is courtesy of Jim Gilbert. Please check out his photostream for more wonderful pictures.

And now, on to the next topic.

WLS LEARNS — THING 11,, “folksonomies” and social tagging.

WLS Learns: Thing 11: Tagging “Folksonomies” and Social Bookmarking in

Well! I finally entered the right password, (Thanks, John!) & I got started on this assignment this afternoon.

It’s certainly easy to see how could save me a lot of time, since I cannot save any bookmarks on my computer at work. We’ve also had problems every once in a while with the reference computer, and some bookmarks have been deleted. would give us a safe place to organize web based resources and keep them available for everyone who needs them – I like it! Plus the Common Craft video is fun.

Now on to the remaining tasks:

1. Exploration. I decided my popular category would be “Travel.”  Interesting!  Today’s popular sites included a great one called Joobli, which contains an international calendar of festivals — so you can find something interesting happening, wherever you happen to be. It’s got everthing from book fairs to music festivals to beer fests. Pretty great! So, it seems easier to find really useful information on delicious than on google — particularly if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for!

Of course, does not automatically eliminate the perils of exploring the web. I mean, you can still get sidetracked pretty easily, if you have any inclination that way at all.  Just for instance, the “travel” tag led me to concerts, which led me to Early Music sites, where I found theoretical discussions of things like heterophony and musica ficta. All of which could be a lot of fun to read — if I only had the time ;-D.

In sum, I can indeed see the use of Bookmarks there are as tightly focused as people want to make them through their tagging — which could certainly be useful for a group or community wanting to study or discuss something together.

Which leads me to the last part of the assignment. I am now going to go and find a couple of nice Web sites and tag them for the rest of my colleagues.

…..and the links I added are:

  1. Reading Rants
  2. The Library 2.0 Reading List
  3. 100 Free Library 2.0 Webinars and Tutorials




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