Posted by: deirdrea | April 9, 2009

Red shed with cow

Red shed with cow, originally uploaded by deirdrej.

Good morning everybody!

Before I start my Web 2.0 homework today, I’d like to report on an amazingly fun new toy! I downloaded Colorsplash to my phone, and have been wasting my few spare minutes playing with it. And I just have to tell you, I love it!

It’s a very simple application that lets you selectively desaturate photos. Basically, it converts your photo to grayscale, and lets you add back colors by painting with your finger. You can zoom by pinching the screen with two fingers, to fix small details. And there’s even a mask, to let you see what you’re doing more clearly. Plus multiple undos to fix mistakes.

So, I love my new toy! I can have all the fun of finger painting with (I think) pretty cool looking results!

Here’s an example: one of our neighbor’s cows by a red shed. She and the shed are in living color, with a grey background. After fixing her color, I put her through a vignette and cross-processing filter in Picnik — doesn’t she look great?

Of course, she’s a very pretty cow, anyway!


PS To see the “colorsplashed” cow,  before filtering, click on my flickr photos in the sidebar.


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