Posted by: deirdrea | March 5, 2009

Story Arts Festival! And a New Wiki!

The First Annual Sunflower Story Arts Festival

The First Annual Sunflower Story Arts Festival

Good morning, everybody!

I have some exciting news today!

I’d like to announce a wonderful new festival that will be taking place in Mount Kisco, NY, USA this spring.

The first annual Sunflower Story Arts Festival will take place in Mount Kisco, NY, over the Memorial Day Weekend, May 22nd to 24th. There will be tons of events for people of all ages all over town, plus food and drink, live music, games — you name it! So, if you are in the area at all, you should definitely come!

I’m going to be performing a story in song at O’Malley’s pub on Sunday night, and so is my sister.

(BTW, if anyone knows our Wizard Rock band, The Gringotts Grrls, you can sample the song I’ll be doing. It’s called “Achilles’ Heel,” and it tells that famous story — but in folk-y comic verse. My sister will be performing her beautiful song “The Blackbird” — which hasn’t been published anywhere yet, so you have to come hear her!)

To get kids involved with the festival, I’ve created a brand-new story wiki, which is also a game. It’s called Grow-A-Story, and the idea is that anyone who wants to can add 3 sentences to the story in progress. I hope a lot of kids will sign up and play.

I’ve started a page on the wiki with links to a variety of online stories. Please feel free to contribute — but remember, the primary audience will be children and young teenagers, so nothing innapropriate or infradig, please!

Well, that’s it for this morning!

I hope you enjoy the photo, the wiki, and the news!



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