Posted by: deirdrea | January 18, 2009

Angel in the snow — The mark of a grey jay

The mark of a grey jay, originally uploaded by McClellan Viewpoint.

Isn’t this a lovely shot? Many thanks to McClellan Viewpoint for letting me post it here!

I love grey jays, & saw one right next to my doctor’s when I went last week. And I thought this picture would be appropriate right now, because my sister tells me that my blog lately is filled with flying things ;-D





  1. How was this made…I can´t imagine. Anyway, it looks very nice, and your sister is right about the flying things. Maybe you are dreaming about flying away for holidays for a while? Flying or not, the photos are very good.

  2. great photos. thanks for sharing these. john

  3. Thank you so much, Birgitte & John!

    (& Happy Inauguration Day!)

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