Posted by: deirdrea | January 15, 2009

The British Have Done It Again! The Skycar Expedition.


First, there was Ian Fleming. Then J.K. Rowling. And now we have… Mike Campbell Jones, Gilo Cardoza…. And a real, live, biofuelled flying car!

And it’s incredibly cute, imo. Here’s a pic.

Biofuelled flying car in action.

Biofuelled flying car in action.

Awesome, no?

Traveling in the car will be British adventurer Neil Laughton, who has already climbed the tallest mountains on seven continents and dragged a sled to the North Pole. AND…. well actually, if you’d like to see all of the other expeditions he has engaged in, check out this Web page

For more about the car and the expedition, here are a couple of good links.

  1. This BBC page gives a great summary of the expedition, plus a film clip including scenes of the car flying and an interview with its designer/pilot!
  2. And to keep track of the expedition, check out the official page for the Skycar Expedition 2009

Mr. Laughton hopes to raise money for charity with the expedition. As to why he is using biofuel, he told interviewers at DISCOVER, “We wanted to make a statement to the world that even a James Bond flying car can save the environment.”

And I’m posting this just in case anyone hasn’t seen it, because this story made me happy! And I think we can all use something to counteract the bad news we keep hearing everyday.

Good night, everyone, and enjoy!


  1. Very cool. I love stuff like this.

  2. Thanks, Hilary!

    I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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