Posted by: deirdrea | January 5, 2009

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape — also, those lists!

Hi again, everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that, for the first time ever, I am a winner in the S.N.A.P.E. art contest! I got second place — not bad, considering. And here’s my lovely banner to prove it!

The challenge was to draw a picture based on a letter in a Snape alphabet. I took “D” for “The name(s) of Snape’s dog(s).” Dead easy, as Hagrid would say. Except for drawing in artpad! That’s hard — and that’s my excuse for making poor Snape look so oddly dwarfish, & with green skin. Oh, well! Here’s my drawing

He's called "Dumbledog!" And he has a long auburn "beard" tied with a purple ribbon!

He's called "Dumbledog!" And he has a long auburn "beard" tied with a purple ribbon!

In other news, Teresa has finished the “six random things” meme — AND changed the rules! (You go, girl!) You can see her ” random things” post on her website. She’s also got a brilliant new post up, inspired by Laura Numeroff, called “If you give Wall Street a Bailout!”

And finally….I’m not really happy with that list of my 10 favorite books that I did last time. Because I left out lots of awesome titles that I really love! Here are just a couple more….

  1. The Man Who Was Thursday. Really one of the world’s most awesome books, imo.  BTW, Orson Welles loved it as much as I do, and did a great dramatization of it many years ago. Here’s a clip, if you’d like to listen.  
  2. Helen Keller. The Story of My Life. This is an astounding book. (Actually, I wouldn’t usually put it on a list like this, or even talk about it, because I love it so much.) But if there’s anybody in the world yet who hasn’t read it, they really should, imo. Anyway, I love it!
  3. That’s it for tonight, everybody — enjoy! & I’ll be back later.




  1. Those are a couple of great books! and I love the banner, too.

  2. Thanks, Mary!

    & goodnight,
    (hope it doesn’t get too icy!)


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