Posted by: deirdrea | January 1, 2009

Winter woods — & Happy New Year, everyone!

winter hike, originally uploaded by K-Mc.Pics.

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

It was a cold this morning in northern CT, but it warmed up to nearly 18 degrees in the afternoon (about -7.7 celsius), so my sister and I went out skiing. It was gorgeous! The sky was that incredible robin’s egg blue that only seems to happen in winter, almost green around the edges, and the bright sun made billions of tiny rainbows all over the snow, so that even shadows seemed colored. And it’s so quiet in the woods in winter. There’s just the sound of your skis in the snow, and the winter birds and animals. Oh! and the wind, of course! The wind would flay you……but still, there’s nothing more beautiful than the winter woods!

Happy New Year, everybody, and I hope you had a beautiful day, and I wish you a wonderful 2009!


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