Posted by: deirdrea | December 15, 2008

Lucia — our latest concert

Lucia, originally uploaded by deirdrej.

Hi, everyone!

We just had our latest Holiday concert yesterday at the Zion Episcopal church — I know those of you who had a chance to come had a splendid time, but for those of you who couldn’t make it, I’m posting a few pictures of our Lucia!

Here she is in the choir stalls, starting to fix her crown. The candles are actually rolled paper, with little paper flames — but we replaced those. No open flames though! — we had electric candles.

"Lucia" at the back of the church, with  her candles lit.

"Lucia" at the back of the church, with her candles lit.

Here she is at the back of the church, getting ready to go!

"Lucia's" final photo

"Lucia's" final photo

And here’s the last picture. Doesn’t our young “Lucia” have a lovely smile? I believe I can thank her older sister for that! She was standing behind me making various hand signals in the air above my head — otherwise I am sure our “Lucia” would have been much more solemn! (Thanks, Lily!)

I hope you enjoyed the photos, even if they are a tad fuzzy, and I wish you all avery joyous holidays!



  1. […] have Lucia some pictures at her […]

  2. Hi Deirdre. I enjoyed the photos and little story, and have made a link to my blog (on 13.12).

  3. Hi, deidre – happy holidays!

    BTW, I’ve tagged you for the Six Random Things meme.

    I hope you enjoy!

  4. Sweet pictures.

  5. Thank you! 😉

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