Posted by: deirdrea | December 3, 2008

The Moon, Venus, Jupiter & the Stone Angel (December 1, 2008) –PLUS a Hubble Telescope advent calendar!

The Moon, Venus, Jupiter & the Stone Angel (December 1, 2008), originally uploaded by s_h_a_w_n_g_13.

Shawn G took this beautiful photo yesterday — and, if you want you can see me as the angel (even though I’m not THAT photogenic, and don’t have wings!) But, yes, this could be me, praying that I would get home from work before the clouds completely covered this scene. Then praying that there would be a break in the clouds, so I could capture it. Then hoping against hope that I could — maybe — get something approaching the right exposure before the clouds moved again.

Well, sorry for the rant! I didn’t manage to get anything in my actual picture but a few trees and weeds against a black/cloudy sky. My sister thought it was interesting anyway — but isn’t this shot gorgeous?


And if anyone would like a really unique and beautiful way to count down to Christmas, here it is!

That’s it for now, everyone — have a good day!


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