Posted by: deirdrea | November 20, 2008

Sleepy kitty, or How I feel after the “Bloglines” exercise!


Sleepy kitty, originally uploaded by deirdrej.

Yes, I am a bit sleepy! I kept finding more and more interesting blogs, (and doing crazier things — for instance, I changed my whole page into German for a while, just to see how the language function works on the page). I think I’m pretty happy with my list now — although I know it could be a lot longer!

Here it is:

You’ll see that I only subscribed to a few fellow WLSlearners’ blogs — but don’t worry! I am really trying to read them all! So, if I only listed a few, it doesn’t mean that I’m not reading them.

This exercise has really opened my eyes to something new and very useful, though! I could see adding a blogroll to a Youth Services page to keep people up to date on new books, music, movies, or reviews. And readers could respond to those bloggers directly, as well as the Youth Services person. Very handy But I must run now — I took today off to:

  1. Paint my bathroom
  2. clean my apartment
  3. see the dentist
  4. etc.

So, have a good day everybody! & I’ll be back to this blog asap.



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