Posted by: deirdrea | November 17, 2008

Eagle Bustle (for WLSlearns)

eagle bustle, originally uploaded by deirdrej.

I think this is a beautiful photo, even though I took it myself. But the amazing geometry of the costume surely makes up for any lack of photographic skill or equipment, don’t you think?

This was taken at a Mount Kisco Public Library program last month. The dancer/storyteller is Mr. Joe Cross. He performs with his wife, Donna Couteau Cross, in Leaf Arrow. And if you haven’t seen one of their shows, you should definitely check them out! They are amazing!



  1. Deirdre-

    That is a STUNNING photo!

    Can you tell us more about what they did in performance?


  2. Thank you so much, Miriam!

    I’m so glad you like the picture, and Donna and Joe are amazing performers! As for what they do, here’s a brief description. I quote: “contemporary and historical storytelling, songs, traditional dance.”

    But I realize that’s rather inadequte, so I’ll try to flesh it out a bit. They are storytellers, dancers and singers. They are from Oklahoma tribes — Joe is Caddo and Donna Sac/Fox. But they tell stories and perform dances from other Native American traditions as well. They bring several costume changes, and they explain what the costumes mean and how they are made. They also bring a soundtrack of Native American music. The show is interactive and really stunning. I think I should also say that Donna is a very skilled, graceful dancer, trained in classical ballet as well as the Native American dances. When I first booked them, she performed a jingle dance for us, & it was stunning. (She was not able to do that this time, as she was sick, & that dance takes a huge amount of energy. The dancer spends most of her time in the air or on her toes, and the costume is very heavy!)
    Good heavens! I think I’m writing too much now. But I hope that answers your question.

    Thanks again for looking at my blog!

    Oh! and here’s where you can find out more about Joe and Donna — it also links to their homepage.

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