Posted by: deirdrea | November 15, 2008

7.5 Habits Of Lifelong Learners

So here I am, officially starting to learn…. and thinking about the 7.5 habits of lifelong learners.

I’d say I definitely have that half habit down! Play? What children’s librarian doesn’t? (Although my sisters accuse me of being competitive…but really, I’m not! I don’t mind losing. I just like to win, every once in a while.)

This list was thought-provoking, though. Especially when I thought about how teaching something can  be the best way of learning it. I know this is true from our library knitting club (now, alas! no more. We can’t fit a bunch of kids and their gear into our temporary children’s room). But at the same time, I think this excellent idea might be — at least indirectly — the source of that little American proverb i HATE more than any other — you know the one, “Those who can’t do, teach.” Aargh!! And when I’m learning something new, I really prefer to watch someone else, who’s really good at whatever it is, and do what they’re doing. This really works for me, for everything from skimming stones or throwing baseballs to learning new dance steps. Or songs, or vocabulary words. I think an expert teacher is invaluable!

Now for the really challenging things on this list. Viewing crises as opportunities? I guess I like to think I do this — but do I really? Well, OK, I have certainly learned not to run anywhere really fast in shoes that tend to come off. Which may stand me in good stead for the rest of my life. But those day to day setbacks — especially things people say, like “You’re too old, too dumb, too….whatever…..” Or, worse still: “Is that worth the time it’s taking to learn?” Or “Well, you’re not going to be a professional…whatever.”  Does ordinary discouragement like this count as a crisis, and how do we use it to our advantage — other than (hopefully) learning not to say these things to others. Thoughts, anyone?

The other thing that’s hard — in a way — is thinking of new technology as a friend. For me, there are 2 reasons for this. First, geek speak. I just can’t figure it out! I’m relatively good at the little picture drawings from IKEA — at least I can figure them out, given time.


IKEA describes how to put a coffee table together!

IKEA describes how to put a coffee table together!

See?  Dead easy! (Like the wizard money in HP!)


But Geek Speak baffles me! And then there’s time. I tend to get really absorbed in learning new stuff, and lose track of how long things are taking. And I don’t think having more things to do and learn necessarily makes me speed up — or, if it does, I feel rushed and frustrated.

Hey, wait! maybe this is one of those crises I’m supposed to be turning into a learning opportunity.

I’ll just have to figure out how!

In the end, though, I think it comes down to desire. If you are passionate about learning something, you’ll learn.

And our job is to try and inspire others with that passion — which means we’ve got the best job in the world!

Cheers, everyone — goodnight!


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