Posted by: deirdrea | November 14, 2008

Hello world!

About my dragonfly…

These little guys are the very last dragonflies of the summer. Sometimes you find them perched on fallen leaves — they’re very hard to see then, they blend in so well. But one day, I lucked out! I was out walking in the White Memorial, and this guy perched above my head — and I had my camera! Things like this never happen to me — or at least not often enough.

I hope you like my picture of him, or at least don’t find him too freaky. I think dragonflies are very beautiful little animals — dead useful, too, eating all those mosquitos!

I almost called this blog “Deirdre’s Darning Needle: Untangling the Web One Stitch at a Time.” But then I said, YUCK! What a horrible idea!! But I do like dragonflies, so the picture stays.

On a side note, our new library pets, the spotted newts, had a companion in their tank for a little while, and I was very excited, because I thought it might be a damselfly nymph. But alas! It’s gone. (Those newts are fierce little creatures. And not vegetarians, at all!)

BTW, when they first arrived, one of the boys named them Lazy and Crazy, because one was always sitting still and the other was running/swimming around. But now they are both crazy, and hard to tell apart, except that one is bigger than the other.

Here’s a picture of the little guys swimming around on my desk.


Our New Newts!

Our New Newts!


Well, that’s it for my first blog — Enjoy! & please let me know what you think.


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